Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Because of You

As I finish out another normal American day, Cambodia is on my heart. I spent time in prayer for each of my little sisters tonight...all twenty-three of them. I miss them dearly.
Although it's no secret that my time in Cambodia was a challenge in every way, there are still those little moments that made everything worth it!
Pirate sword fights in the rain.
Dancing in the front yard.
Family worship sessions.
Bike rides with a little Khmer girl on the back of my bike.
Putting faces with a cause I have fought for three years now.
One moment, however, has stuck in my brain and come to my mind often today.
It was my last day in the She home. After a time of worship and a bike ride, it was time to say goodbye. I used one of the older girls as a translator and thanked my sisters for allowing me into their home. Hugs were given and received. I choked back tears as I struggled to keep a smile on my face as I left.
My Cambodian journey was over. I was at peace with where I was and ready to take the next step, but that doesn't mean that goodbyes were easy.
One young girl, aged 13, frantically searched for an older girl to translate for her so she could talk to me.
This young girl had become especially close to my heart over the last two weeks of my trip. I still get choked up when I talk about her, because we had a soul tie. In my last days with her, I asked the Lord why He didn't allow us to connect on a deep level earlier on in my trip. I firmly believe that it's because it would have been too painful for me to leave her. Just the two weeks of closeness I had with her made a world of impact on my heart.
My sweet sister held back tears once she found a translator and began talking to me through her. She and I never needed to use words to communicate before. Presence was always enough. With her arms encircling my waist, she told me that she thought of me like her big sister. She thanked me for coming and wished me safe travels home. She asked to come home with me, and it was everything my heart could do to tell her no. I hugged her and began to leave, but she stopped me. I couldn't believe what came out of her mouth next (or...out of the translator's mouth).
"Sister, I want you to know that I am going to be praying for you to stay close to Jesus. Because of you, I'm going to stay close to Jesus, too. I already know you'll be praying for me, and I know I will see you again."
We both knew that the next time we will see each other is when we are united together with our King. I hugged her tightly and walked through the gates of the home. The girls yelled goodbye as I left. As soon as I left the house, I hit the ground on my knees.
Thank you, Jesus, for letting this little girl see Your love in me. I am so blessed.
Because it isn't because of me, it's because of Him.