Thursday, February 12, 2015

Shifting Sands

“I have set the Lord always before me; because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.”
-Psalm 16:8

The waves crashed around my ankles. Windblown hair flew around my face and tickled my nose. The smell of ocean air calmed my every nerve. I couldn’t look at the ocean. It was a terrible, awful beast. But oh, how the sounds and the smells calmed me.
I stepped out in faith and walked into the waves. My feet slid out from under me. Shifting sand pulled me under. Panicked, I reached towards the heavens, feeling the air above the water, but I could not stand. Oh God, I cried, This is it. The sound of the waves drowned out all of my thoughts.
But then a steady, strong hand grasped my shaking fingers and pulled me upwards. The deafening waves quieted, and I looked into the sweet face of my savior.
My daddy.
His eyes sparkled, and he laughed, splashing me with the waves. He reached out his hand, inviting me deeper into the ocean.
It is such a picture of trust…of Christ’s protection over us. When the shifting sands of life make you feel like you’re drowning, His hand pulls you up. His smiling face calms your nerves and silences the noise of life around you.
His very presence calms you and invites you deeper.

Oh Lord, Life is chaotic and noisy today, but You are worthy of my trust. Please forgive me for not trusting You with the things in my life. Be my calm and my strength. I trust you to take my hand and guide me through this day. Take me deeper into your presence. Amen.