Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It's Never Been So Real.

Human trafficking in the US has never been this real to me before.

I talked to the women while they're on the street. 
I looked in her eyes as she nervously watched to make sure her pimp didn't see her praying with "that little white girl."
I hugged her neck as she walked through the doors of the rescue home for the first time. 
I prayed with her as she fought her addictions, as she detoxed, as she grew and as she hurt.
I sat with her as she cried because of how much she missed her kids, even though she knew she was doing the right thing for her family. 
I held her hand in a small room in a doctor's office because she was too scared to be in a room with a man by herself.
My heart broke as she left the home because she wasn't ready to turn away from the only life she knew. 
My heart soared as I drove her to her program so she could start her success story. 
I cried as I drove away and she faded in my rearview mirror. 

This summer, I learned that every woman has a story...every porn model, every stripper, every prostitute.
I saw into the hearts of these women, and I saw the choices that were taken from them. 
So many people will look down at these women on the side of the street and judge them. But what they don't know is that that woman didn't choose to be there. She was forced for the first time when she was 11, and now she doesn't know any better. 

The Lord has changed my views on these things. 

And it's never been so real.