Monday, May 22, 2017

Why My Goals Are Always High (Even If My Results Are Not)

Two weeks ago, I posted about starting the #BoutofBooks readathon. I love Bout of Books because I can set my own pace, allowing me to participate even in the busiest of times. You can read about my #BoutofBooks goals here. you can see, my goals were pretty hefty. And how much did I end up reading, you ask?

...about 200 pages of ONE book.

Yep. 200 pages. That's it.

At first, I was a little disappointed in myself, and this disappointment prompted me to ask myself questions about my goals, why I set them, and why I have such high expectations of myself.

At times, I can expect too much of myself and set goals with an unhealthy mindset. I tell myself that if I don't complete my self-imposed outrageous standards, I am not good enough, not smart enough, or not fit enough.

Through my post-#BoutofBooks introspection, I told myself what I'm now telling you:

Be honest with yourself while you set your sights high.

Are you setting goals because you hate who you see in the mirror and feel like you're not enough? That's okay. Take a step back and be easy on yourself for a moment. God created you exactly how you are for a reason.

So...why do I set such high goals? Why set goals at all...especially when half of the time, I can't even reach them?

I set goals because I choose to strive to achieve things to the best of my ability.
I overshoot my prospective goals because I want to believe that even if life is busy and things get in the way, I can always reach further.
My goals are always to be more... to read more, learn more, know Jesus be more organized, to be a better worker, employee, daughter, sister, granddaughter, friend, and girlfriend.

This is not because I believe I'm not good enough...but rather, because I believe in my own potential. I don't set goals to be better because I hate who I am now...I set lofty goals because I believe in my ability to be the full and well-rounded woman God created me to be.

I read more to expand my mind and invite God to show Himself to me in ways I never dreamed of before.
I work hard...not to gain status, but to gain knowledge and wisdom.
I study the Bible so I can learn about who Jesus is, rather than being focused on my own shortcomings.

I set goals to embrace my imperfection, to see my flaws, and to motivate myself to change.

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